Università di Bologna

The University of Bologna (Italian: Alma mater studiorum – Università di Bologna, UNIBO) is a research university in Bologna, Italy. Founded in 1088 by an organised guild of students (hence studiorum), it is the oldest university in the world.

It is one of the most prestigious Italian universities, commonly ranking in the first places of national, European and international rankings both as a whole and for individual subjects.

The Open University

The Open University (OU) is a public distance learning and research university founded in 1969.  It is the leading university for flexible, innovative teaching and world-leading research in the United Kingdom and in 157 countries worldwide. The HQ is in Milton Keynes (UK).

The OU mission is to open up education for all. As the largest UK academic institution, the OU empowered over two million students across many countries to transform their lives through learning. The OU joins Polifonia with scholars and technologists from the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi, STEM), the Music Department (FASS), and the Music Computing Lab (CRC, STEM).

KMi is a multidisciplinary R&D lab at the forefront of innovation for the past 25 years in Knowledge Technologies, Educational Media, Social Media Analysis, Blockchain, Smart Cities, and others. Music Research at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the OU is developed through high-profile individual and collaborative projects focussing on a wide range of approaches to music, with a distinctive emphasis on innovation and interdisciplinary research.

Music Computing Lab’s work focuses on empowering musicians, illuminating musical activities, and modelling music perception and cognition. The research is informed by musicology, psychology, ethnography, embodied cognition, pervasive interaction, mathematics and advanced computing techniques.

King’s College London

King’s College London (informally King’s or KCL) is a public research university located in London, United Kingdom, and a founding college and member institution of the federal University of London. King’s was established in 1829 by King George IV and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, when it received its first royal charter (as a university college), and is one of the oldest universities in England.

University of Galway (Irish: Ollscoil na Gaillimhe)

University of Galway (Irish: Ollscoil na Gaillimhe) is located in the city of Galway in Ireland. A third-level teaching and research institution, the University has been awarded the full five QS stars for excellence, and is ranked among the top 1 percent of universities according to the 2018 QS World University Rankings. The University was founded in 1845 as “Queen’s College Galway”, and was more recently known as “The National University of Ireland Galway ”

MiC – Ministero della Cultura

MiC – Ministero della Cultura, is the Italian Minstry of Culture. It has its headquarters based in Rome, in the historical building of the Collegio Romano Palace. The current Italian Minister of Cultural is Gennaro Sangiuliano.
MiC is involved in the Polifonia project through the following departments: ICCD – Istituto centrale per il catalogo e la documentazione/Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation and ICBSA – Istituto centrale per i beni sonori e audiovisivi/Central Institute for sound and audiovisual heritage.

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (French: Centre national de la recherche scientifique, CNRS) is the French state research organisation and is the largest fundamental science agency in Europe.

Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers

The Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (French: [Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers]; CNAM) is a doctoral degree-granting higher education establishment (or grand établissement) and Grande école in engineering, operated by the French government, dedicated to providing education and conducting research for the promotion of science and industry. It has a large museum of inventions accessible to the public.

Stichting Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision (Dutch: Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid, or short, Beeld & Geluid) is the cultural archive and a museum located in Hilversum. Sound & Vision collects, looks after, and provides access to over 70% of the Dutch audio-visual heritage.

Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Dutch: Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, abbreviated: KNAW) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of science and literature in the Netherlands. The academy is housed in the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam.

Digital Paths

Digital Paths is a “through the line” agency that blends: Strategy, Creativity and Design. We have 3 key values: 1 – People First: a human centered approach that makes us plan solutions focused on people, not users; 2 – Custom is Better: Specific needs require customized solutions. Our projects are a one-off creative path. A tailor-made approach that makes every activity unique; 3 – Technology is a means: Technology is just one of the tool to reach our clients’ objectives. Our mission is to push our partners and clients towards the future, helping them to define their path.